For more than 20 years I worked as an independent Art Rep selling my own work, art by other artists, and represented major fine art publishers to hundreds of Interior Designers, Architects and Galleries throughout Florida. During that time I accumulated a large collections of beautiful images.  Some were originals, limited and open edition prints, giclées, posters and unusual, mostly out-of-print, bookplates as well as sales samples from the publishers whose work I sold on a regular basis. 

Many of the large multicolor serigraphs sold for hundreds of dollars each as part of signed and numbered, limited editions in fine galleries throughout the world.  For the most part, those I have are unsigned samples EXACTLY THE SAME as the signed and numbered prints in the limited editions.  I’m offering these at truly astonishing savings as strictly “decorative” art and make no claims as to their collector value.

 If you are searching for quality art at very affordable prices the many images offered on this web site are suitable for any home or office.  Some of the images have minor case wear around the blank border, but the pictures themselves are perfect for framing.  As you the categories for just the right piece for your purpose, note that in most instances, each “thumbnail,” which can be enlarged by clicking on it, shows a number designation, the size, price and title.  I will provide additional information on any that interest you at: brightwater03@comcast.net. and will send the actual art on consignment for you to inspect before you buy. All l need to fill your order will be the category and the number designation. All art is subject to prior sale and instructions on HOW TO PURCHASE is in the category list on the right.